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Collection: MOC 5.5" - UV Action Figure Protective Clam Shell

  • Full UV Spectrum Protection (~375nm-400nm and down)

  • Perfect Match Hinge for a guaranteed front and back compatibility

  • Keep your action figure card backs flat or help flatten out slightly bent/warped card backs.

  • Made is the USA

  • 10 Secure Snap Locks

  • Fully Recyclable

  • Acid Free Material

  • Protects your investment

  • Framed front bubble for rigidity and figure highlighting.

  • Low Profile Feet for shelf display as well as peg hole for wall hanging

  • Always IN STOCK!!!

  • Compatible with: Masters of the Universe Vintage (standard figure), Masters of the WWE, Masters of the Universe Origins, Super7, Realm of the Underworld, Remco and more.

  • Inner dimensions are 11.5"L x 6.25"W x 2.5" (Bubble depth)

  • Available in singles, 25 Packs, 50 Packs and 100 Packs.

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  • MOTU 5.5" UV Action Figure Protective Clamshell Case
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