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MOC Masters was created with one thing in mind, “Ultimate Protection for the Ultimate Collector”.  While we have been toy collecting enthusiasts for over 25 years, we struggled to find a case (clam shell) that could meet the following factors: Quality, UV Protective and Availability.

The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. So, what did we do?  We compared all other clamshell cases in the market and determined the pros and cons of each product and combined all the pros into one case.  The MOC Masters Case (clam shell). Made in the USA using the correct materials and processes to ensure durability and 100 percent front/back compatibility. 

UV Protection:
This is the single most important factor every case was missing.  Who out there has had their valuable figure out on display in a protective case, after years of UV exposure, just to see their figure’s clear bubble, card back and plastic materials slowly oxidize? Not only is this an eye sore, but it’s also bringing down the value and satisfaction of owning coveted figures. MOC Masters fixed that challenge by making UV protective cases (clam shells).

Nothing is more frustrating to us MOC action figure collectors than having valuable action figures and no case to put them in for protection.  When you shop around for a case and see nothing but sold-out banners and pre-orders with 4-6 months estimated arrival times. Sure, sell outs happen from time to time, but on a constant basis in maddening.  Guess what we fixed that too.  By sourcing our cases domestically here in the USA we can respond quickly and get cases out to our customers in a timely manner. This mean our customers can relax knowing their figures can be safe and sound in a MOC-Masters case (clam shell) protected from the elements with a few simple clicks.

In short, if you want a superior case that is locally sourced and available NOW there’s only one choice…MOC-Masters.. “The Ultimate Protection for the Ultimate Collector